Implementing the process in software

As I wrote on my latest article, business processes are governed by three pillars: People, Policies and Technology. I will show you now how these pillars come together in SkyXoft Procx.

Beginning first with the process, Procx let’s you define it like any usual business user would do it, using diagrams, pools, decisions, tasks, etc. Each of this activity has properties that can be modified easily using wizards type forms. This makes it very easy for non-technical users to define processes, change them and publishing.


It’s letting finally the business user to take control of technology and adjust it as it is needed for his company and the changing of every day requirements.

The People

How would a business user think of modeling people in the company? Right. Organizational charts. In Procx, you define people the same way.


By doing this, you can modify users assign to processes without having to change the process. You define the managers and reporters in a flexible way so Procx know who he is the manager of a user and send him scaling messages as define in the process.






When you defined a task, you are actually assigning it to an employee of the organization; this is taken from the role expressed in the pool. This can be a role (from the organizational chart) or level (president, vicepresident, manager, director, etc.). Procx knows who the manager is and who his reports from the organizational chart are.

Finally the user receive the task (and an email if specified) using the Procx WorkList where he can approve (or complete) or reject the task by his consideration.

The Policies

How a business user would define policies in a process? Also right. Using decision boxes.


Procx has rule evaluator integrated so you can express complex rules and conditions using formulas and fields coming from forms and third party applications (using web services). You can make combinations of almost any field and rule to enforce policies in your organization, the natural way.


Procx is a software that can be downloaded from the SkyXoft web site and easily installed and, as you can see, easily and painlessly configure.

Finally is using technology to drive the business. Modeling your business using actual processes and at the same time, incrementing the operating performance of the company. With Procx, you will have a positive ROI since the first day of implementation, in any scenario and in any industry type.