Build production ready billing code for your ASP.NET application

A complete guide that will show you what needs to be done in your web application so it can handle thousands of events and payment transactions and still survive.


Learn how to accept online credit card payments on your website using ASP.NET.

PCI Compliance

Creating a website to accept payments and publishing it out there isn’t the only thing you need to do. You also need to comply with some rules.

Securing your app

Dealing with credit cards is a big responsability and at the same sensitive information. Learn what you need to do in ASP.NET to secure this information.

Custom forms

Stripe provides predefined payment forms. Learn how to customize them so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Handling events

Make your web application smart and keep it in sync with Stripe event webhooks and learn how to handle them in a scalable way. If you loose them, you’ll loose data.


Recurring payments with almost zero programming. Learn how to charge custmers in auto pilot.


Stripe has the basic infrastructure to handle taxes. Learn how to augment them to fit your needs.

Background processing

Your web app and business is a success. You’re getting mentions all over the interwebs and social media. Are you ready to handle thousands of transactions per second?.

Keeping an audit log

Handling money is a serious thing so you need to keep track of what comes in, from who and where it goes.

Send PDF receipts

Is part of your olibgations as an online merchant to send invoices to customers so they deduct payments from expenses.

Who should read this book?

Entrepreneurs Launching Apps in ASP.NET - Is the goal of launching your app to make money and accept payments with Stripe? Then this guide will help you do
the integration and keep your customer’s sensitive data secured.

Corporate Employees - Are you or your team considering creating applications that accept online payments using Stripe? Dealing with customer senstitive data
can be complicated and creating a system that will stand thousands of transactions while you’re sleeping is crucial. This guide will help solve these issues.

E-Commerce Developers - Are you creating online e-commerce store that other customers or yourself use to sell products? Handling hundreds of transactions
on behalf of thousands of customers also needs special care. If you’re also going to use Stripe Connect for this, then the guide if for you.

.NET Developers - Are you looking to simply accept payments with Stripe? Either you’re a desktop app, web app, mobile app or IoT developer in the .NET
platform, you’ll also benefit in developing a secured and scalable application to handle payments with Stripe.

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About the author

Jose Leon is an entrepreneur, web developer and marketer and I’ve been building web applications professionally for over 15 years. I’ve worked before for big companies building high traffic corporate
websites to creating online banking applications for financial institutions. I have founded and built multiple web applications including LicenseSpot,
Expiration Reminder and Tender, the last one an add-on for Stripe. I live and work on Kitchener, ON.

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