Stripe, .NET and ASP.NET – The Book

If your website is accepting credit cards and processing payments online then you’ve probably heard about Stripe. Is the simplest and easiest processing gateway to implement from a programmatic standpoint. For the past four years I’ve been using Stripe to process all the payments and subscriptions on my products.

But not only I’m using Stripe to process payments, I’m also using it to provide services to other companies using Stripe by building Tender, an add-on for Stripe that adds emailing of PDF invoices, dunning for failed credit cards payments and subscription metrics. All my products and specially Tender are built using ASP.NET MVC and, because of Tender’s nature, we’ve built a product that’s capable of handling thousands of Stripe transactions per minute, background processing and data manipulation. It’s a very high end product that support mission critical scenarios.

Because of this past experience, I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned from this past four years, and specially with Tender, and and write a book about how to integrate Stripe with ASP.NET which I’m calling: Mastering Stripe Payments with ASP.NET. The book will guide you through on how to build an ASP.NET web application with production ready code that can handle billing for thousands of users in a short time and it doesn’t crash. If processing payments is a big part of your business, then this book is surely for you.