Doing .NET licensing for free

Today we’ve launched a new site that provides information and free code samples on how to integrate licensing into your .NET application.

The site, .NET Licensing, contains tutorials on how to create key pairs, create license files how to validate the files inside an application.

We’ve also published the source code of an admin application to create the license files and is available on Github for download.

Just visit the site and let me know what you think.

Desktop software is not dead

(This is a cross post from the LicenseSpot blog)

Recently Andy Brice from Successful Software posted a very nice article asking if desktop software is dead.

I personally think that is not dead and that is still very alive. I know inexperienced users that are running installations on their local computers to install their favorite software. And it’s very easy to understand from the user point of view as this the oldest form of applications that we know. The most used software apps, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are all desktop products.

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