Transalating a webiste automatically based on users IP address

Why is it that sites that provide localization always try to assume that the best content for you is the one based on your location?

Most people sometimes aren’t in their hometown. They could be on a trip to Asia or the middle east, but this doesn’t mean that when researching for a site or information, they want to see these sites in mandarin or in Arabian.

I may say that the majority of users try to look information first in English because the majority on sites are already in this language. You have more probabilities in finding what you need when querying in English.

What I’m saying is, don’t try to provide information on your site with automatic translation based on the visiting’s user IP address. Give the information in your primary language, be it English, Spanish, French or Portuguese and then give the user the option┬áto select the language in which they would like to see the website and save that on cookie or the user profile for when they comeback. If the user queries google in English and when it enters your site it is then automatically translated to Spanish because the user happened to be in Cabo for vacations, he might leave, inferring the original language of the site is Spanish.

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