Procx 2.1 is out!

Today we have gone live with the new version of
Procx. There are some exciting
new features in the
product including:

  • The ability to start a process from an email.
  • Create Microsoft Word and Excel documents in the process.
  • Start a process from a database table.
  • Support for global variables.

Also an important offering we now have is the
services offering.
Now you can buy from our online store, besides the licenses you need for Procx,
also services like the creation of InfoPath and other type of forms, Web
Services for database integration and other related services, allowing you to
buy the whole solution and starting to benefit from Procx right away.

There are many other details in the product that will make the creation of
processes and flow definition event more creative.

We have also made available a series of movies where you can see Procx in
action and how the integration with SharePoint and InfoPath works. You can see
them here.

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