Insurance Request and Software

Taking a new request for a life insurance is a very complicated process. One
of the most interesting things I find is how they ask these strange questions to
determine the probability of you killing yourself. But, even if it matters or
not, the whole insurance industry is built in probabilities. Nobody though
possible the catastrophe that happened in 2005 with the hurricanes for example.

An interesting thing I also find is the length of these forms. They always
have multiple pages and have a huge amount of fields. The majority of the time
the forms have to be filled in an office or desk or a table. Is almost
impossible to do it standing. But with the technology like Tablet PCs these
forms can be made electronic and be filled remotely (in the field). This is an
area, the insurance industry, that greatly
benefit from
BPM solutions
. That’s why we have made a movie that represents a life
insurance form been automated with Procx.
A simple process was put in place for approving the form in which if the initial
insurance amount is greater than 50,000 then needs to be routed to a credit
analyst. Hope you like it.

See the movie

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