ROI Areas

Calculating the return of investment of any anything that you do in your business is vital, that’s the easiest way you can decide if in the long run the money you are pouring in is going to be of value to the organization.

As I have said earlier, one of the biggest ROI that you can get when implementing a software in the organization comes with business process management. Automating day to day processes and approvals transforms in real benefits almost immediately. The ROI can be calculated from the lower amount of time that it takes to execute a process to the reduce costs involved.

According to an article by Terry Schurter there are five areas where you can calculate the ROI of BPM or workflow solution:

- Automation

- Compliance

- Management

- Process Optimization

- Quality

The easiest one to calculate are the process concerning automation, because this leads to reduce time running the process and increments the ROI since day one of implementation.

If you are planning on installing a BPM solution, find out first on which of these areas your process or goal falls and proceed on calculating your ROI.

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