Automation is the type of business process automation where the highest ROI
can be reach in the implementation of a
workflow or BPM solution
. Converting processes in the organization that a
lot of human intervention is needed to electronic matters in an automated way,
lots of improvement can be achieve. the majority of those interventions can be
diminished and transform to an automated way of responding or even letting the
process makes their own decisions thus increasing productivity for the humans.

And we haven’t considered yet the integration with others applications. If
you are only automating a simple process (for example expense reimbursement or
absence request) productivity is increased, but if you are integrating this
information with other systems in the execution of the same process, event more
productivity can be achieved and more costs can be reduced. That’s why
automation provides high ROI.

Calculating the return of investment is very easy. Can measure the amount of
time taken to execute the process and the amount of time after implementing the
solution. Also you determine how many more requests you are able to handle after
the implementation. One thing to notice also, is that in this kind of
automation, the benefits and the increase performance can be appreciated after
deployment making the investment in the solution an immediate success.

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