Ensuring quality in the products that our
company deliver to customer can be a very complicated process. Sometimes this
involve making complex calculations that involve measuring variables from the
production process. This calculation turns results verifying the quality of the
service or product.

If this processes are not followed in a
rigorous way by the company and their employees, quality can become compromise
and immediately affecting the satisfaction index of the customers. This is why
organizations take in a very serious way how quality is handled.

Because must of the quality procedures
available in the market are process based (Six Sigma for example) it is simple
to keep track and control of them using a
Business Process Management (BPM) solution
. They will provide a central
repository for processes, one interface for changing the them and enforcement of
the business rules. This is very important because for the quality process
implemented to work, every step must followed and completed for it to be

For example, CMMI assures a software
organization is operating in a certain level of quality. Level 5 of CMMI is the
highest level and this means supposedly that good quality software is coming
from them. What the framework assures the software organization is that the
processes installed in the company ensures the quality of the service. Processes
are the base for quality, if they are not implemented and followed, there’s no
way we can predict what is coming out of the production line next week. The same
thing happens with ISO-9000 for the rest of the industries.

Almost immediate ROI (Return on Investment) can
be achieved automating quality processes in organizations. The capturing of
measures can be another factor of importance. This measures can be saved in
databases using third party integration and make alerts from them for example.

Huge benefits can be taken automating quality
processes in organization, specifically for enforcing the process, the business
rules and the tacking of measures of the whole process.

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