When you are running a business, there’s a need to know how everything related to the company is working. For doing this, we always rely on some kind of statistics and numbers that can give us some measure on how we are doing. Every business has their own measures. And each person running the business may want to see numbers that others in the same industry may not want.

The principal problem with these numbers is that, sometimes, they don’t exists at all. And in my opinion this can be a huge problem. It’s like driving a car in the desert, without any kind of knowledge where north is or how much gas I have left.

More important is the fact, that any time that I want to improve my business, I need some kind of metrics to tell me how I am and where I want to go. If I want to do process optimization, I need to know how the process is doing right now.

When I first started blogging in this site, I didn’t have the left column with information about me, the site and what we do as a company. I already had statistics about the site and how much time people entering here was staying around. Having these numbers, I wanted to increase the time they stayed. So I implemented the about me information and what do we talk about here and since them, that number went up at a steady growth rate. It worked. And I know it because of the numbers.

When I try to optimize some aspect of the business, I take a look at the numbers first and trace a goal of where I want to go.

Implementing BPM solutions will help your business when you want to optimize business processes. That’s why the original recommendation when implementing this kind of solution is to do it initially with the original process in placed. For example, in a vacation request form, automate the request with the original process in placed. Then measure the performance of the process and based on the discoveries and numbers you can get from the reports, trace a route of where you want to go.

This is one of the best benefits of a workflow product that really affects your business and increment your operating performance and your productivity.

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