Achieving compliance is no easy task for any
company. In today’s world, compliance is a big factor because it helps you
differentiate from your competitors and deliver good and high quality products
to customers. These factors translate into increase revenue for the business.

If compliance comes as an obligation because of
law enforcement, still is something that will benefit business by staying in the

Business process management
software helps in a
big way to follow compliance scenarios by helping companies enforce processes
through out the organization in a simple and transparent way. For example:

- ISO-9000: one of the requirements of ISO 9000
is to have the organization to adhere to processes for quality management and
improvement. BPM applications can help companies achieve this with minimal

- Sarbanes-Oxley: one of the requirements of
SARBOX is to audit financial transactions. With workflow and BPM products, all
transactions are audited, including approvals, task completition and rejections.
Besides that, you also get process enforcement in the organization.

- CMMI (Capability Maturity Model): This is
like ISO 9000 for software companies. For a company to operate from Level 2 to
Level 5 of CMMI, it must have in place a series of processes for developing and
testing of software. This guaranties that high quality software is been
delivered to the customer. BPM products helps process enforcement and
definition, like the
gathering process

In general, achieving compliance for a company
can be very costly, and sometimes there’s no option. BPM will help organizations
with compliance and, at the same time, keep achieving costs down.

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