About Me

I’m Jose Emilio Leon, your host. I’m a software
developer and write about business, process, collaboration and workflow; what
you’ll read more about on this site.

About Me

I was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic.
It’s an island in the caribbean with fine white sand, beautiful beaches and
wonderful people.

I studied high school in San Pedro de Macoris
(from the famous song of Juan Luis Guerra) where great baseball players like
Pedro Guerrero, Sammy Sosa and George Bell are from. Yes, I know, why didn’t I
became a baseball player too? I would have been making millions by now just for
playing. Well, I think about it like once a year, but I always come to the same
conclusion every time: it’s not just for me. I played with my friends back in
high school and always remember been the last one selected on the list. Since
those days a figured something was wrong :-) .

After high school I moved to Santo Domingo, the
capital, where I had the opportunity to enter INTEC, one of the best
universities for studying Computer Science, my fascination. After finishing, I
immediately started undergraduate studies about Information Technology. After a
year and half, I decided something was missing, and started an MBA in the
Universite du Quebec au Canada.

Work Life

Since day one in work, I started as a
consultant in the technology area. First thing I did was Business Intelligence,
using the first version of Microsoft OLAP Services. Then, after a year, I was
transferred to ecommerce and B2B Internet applications, the boom of the moment.

After that, I was developing custom software
applications to several companies and managing software projects. At the same
time, I was teaching about software in my university.


Since I began working, I always though about
starting my own company. There was a moment in my working life (and some feeling
inside) when I decided when was the right moment. So, together with my brother
Emilio Leon, we decided to start SkyXoft on March, 2004. We started as a
consulting company and one of the first projects we came up with was to develop
a workflow application for a client. I look at the needs on the market and
though that every company should have a product like this, and decided to make
it our flagship product. We’ve been growing since day one delivering benefits to
our customers.

Business And Process

I started the site on October 2005 and I’ve
been writing about processes and business since day one. You can start browsing
for articles right now and feel yourself welcome.

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