No, this is not a publicity for the movie.

What is one of the biggest advantages a
MicroISV or Small ISV has over big software corporations? That’s right. I think
is speed. Is the capacity of getting good software out to the market in a small
time frame. And why this could be an advantage?

If we take a look back in time, one of the
reasons software products loose the battle to other
products is because speed. Take a look at Internet Explorer vs. Netscape some
years ago. One of the biggest flow with Netscape was their ability to take new
versions quickly to the market. If my memory don’t cheat me, back in that time
you could see a new version of IE almost every six months, and with a ton of new
features. This is pretty quick for a company as big as Microsoft. If Netscape
could figure out a way to build new versions quicker and rival IE, maybe it
could have had a chance. Of course, you cannot only take this factor into
account, but I think is one of them.

Take also a look at
Project Aardvark, of FogCreek
Software, they manage to build a product, market it and take to the clients in
almost three months. That’s pretty a quick step. Big software companies can not
take this luxury. But, by the time, they are making money out of it.

Procx for example, we
are able to add activities that business processes uses very fast and in a
standard way. For example, we needed to add the capability to use SharePoint
Document Library fields (columns) inside the process for making decisions. We
added this functionality in a week and customers are the ones getting the
benefit of this.

Another good thing about speed is the ability
to easily adapt to changing environments and technology. Taking a product to
work in other operating systems like Mac o Linux is no easy task but been small
ISV’s things are different.

So you can say speed in small ISV’s is a
competitive advantage. They can increase the amount of innovation they put in
the hands of customers at rate higher than other software companies. It’s like
getting there by plane and letting the others get there by car.

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