Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 47

Today I started working on the remaining objects that will support including variables with information about customers on their emails. For example, like what plan are they in, what product are they using, etc. Also started coding the needed objects for including images on emails and on the PDF invoice.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 46

I’m back from vacation with a very precise plan to complete InvoiceHistory and how to market the application. Because of this marketing strategy, I need to add one more feature that will help this very purpose.

From the development side, in the last few days I was able to complete the notification when a new invoice is created and also the code for attaching the invoice PDF to the email. Users are actually getting the PDF attached to the email with the invoice details. I was also able to create notifications for refunds, credit cards that are about to expire and the series for failed payments (first, second, etc.) sequence. This is all tested and it’s working fine.
On other apps side, I was able to change the home page for LicenseSpot¬†and added a video popup showcasing how the integration into a desktop application works. Also added a tag line to the top to quickly explain what LicenseSpot does. At the moment, I’ve seen a 10% increase in conversion rates so this is good news.
I’m also planning of starting a podcast where I can verbally narrate my way to getting rid of the badge. I already have the name, Getting Rid of the Badge Podcast and I bought all my equipment. I have a list for the first seven episodes so I just need to organize a little bit more on the layout and what I’ll be talking about and start recording. It sounds interesting, I’ve never been so open out there but let’s see how it goes. One time I was told my tone of voice was good for radio, let’s see if it still works.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 45

Today I was able to integrate the email events being sent from SendGrid to actual events triggered by Stripe. This worked really well.

This is good progress but I won’t be able to make any for the next two weeks. I’ll be on vacation with family but this will serve to do some thinking about the marketing strategies and how the InvoiceHistory launch will be.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 44

Today I started working on the email provider screen. You can now add, update and delete email providers. For the moment, users will be able to configure an SMTP server or use SendGrid or Mailgun as their provider.

I also needed to work on changing the DNS provider we use for all our web properties. The one that we today, Nettica, was acquired by DynDNS and they’re now forcing us to transfer everything to their platform as they’re shutting down Nettica. This is a big issue for us as shutting down the DNS server would render our apps unusable. I don’t think this is right and how do I know it won’t happen again. So, we’re just switching everything to a different company.
Also fixed a typo on Expiration Reminder, our renewal reminder software, that was reported by a customer and also deployed that change.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 43

Completed all the frontend capabilities for rule management and also started working on the email provider feature. This will allow users to configure their own ESPs on InvoiceHistory for email sending. All the backend is done for this feature so just the frontend needs to be done.

This will allow me to start working on the email dunning capabilities using the rules engine to route emails.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 42

Completed the creation page for rules and was able to create some sample rules. I also added the rules engine in the backend and got it working for producing invoice PDFs based on configured rules. This worked like a charm so the whole rule engine system is working as expected.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 41

Started working on the rules engine that will basically select the right invoice or email templates depending on the event being triggered and configured variables. This will make head way into the email dunning capabilities for Stripe in InvoiceHistory.

Most of the backend is done for the rules engine so I’m working on getting the front end pages done so users can configure the rules.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 40

Completed work related to the invoice templates and editing. Also added functionality to parse the template using the Liquid format so users can include variables in it. Also added functionality to transform the Liquid result into a PDF so users can receive invoices in PDF.

This is a lot of progress as I just need to complete some features to make the product ready for customer number zero.

Getting Rid of the Badge – Day 39

I started working today on the template editor for invoices. Completed all the backend functionality with the needed classes and database objects. I also started working on the frond end including the screen to add new templates.
Also fixed a bug on Expiration Reminder regarding the calculation of follow up dates when multiple contacts were selected. I deployed the fixed into production and it should be fine now.